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Founded in 1917, the German Museums Association is the national organization for all museums and museum professionals. It represents art museums as well as museums of history, cultural history and natural history, museums of technology as well as those on specific topics. The association is also the central contact point for those engaged in Germany's diverse museum landscape.

The German Museums Association

  • is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of the core content, personnel, and finances for museums;
  • advises its members and public authorities furthermore institutions and organizations about museum-related themes;
  • collaborates with regional, national and international museum organizations, associations and foundations;
  • prepares position statements and papers about current topics;
  • stimulates discussion about questions unique to museums via conferences, workshops, etc.;
  • develops and coordinates exemplary and sustainable projects;
  • initiates surveys and research projects;
  • regularly distributes the following publications: Museumskunde, Bulletin, newsletter and Einkaufsführer für Museen.

These activities are carried out by the association's board, office directors and departmental and working groups (Fachgruppen and Arbeitskreise).


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