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Museum Assistance (working group) 

In Germany, the "Volontariat" is a specific kind of qualification in different branches of business. Especially at museums, preservation authorities, memorial places and journalism you can find so called “Volontäre”. Even if “Volontär” sounds similar to English "Volunteer", it does not have something in common with it. Graduates of German universities (many of them even after their PhD) are asked to pass a low paid two years trainee on-the-job before they might get a permanent position in their profession.


The qualification, which currently is not based on a steady curriculum for all counties, is a very controversial one at present. Therefore, in 1998 the "Arbeitskreis Volontariat" was founded as a lobby of all "Volontäre" at museums, preservation authorities, and memorial places in Germany to support their rights and to establish the "Volontariat" on a firmly accepted basis by all partners.


For more information about the targets and the work of us, please have a look at our German pages or ask us directly by email.



Nora Lackner



Wenke Wilhelm


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