Lana Karaia

Bild von Lana Karaia, Referentin der Jahrestagung 2024Lana Karaia, a museologist with experience across national and European institutions, specializes in Art history, Museology, and cultural management, focusing on development, social engagement and sustainability in the museum field.
Currently working as the head of the university museum at Tbilisi State Academy of Art, Lana leads the architectural heritage and art collections in a historic 19th-century palace. Additionally, she co-heads and delivers lectures on the Museology MA program at the academy and is a visiting lecturer at Caucasus University and University of Georgia.
Previously, Lana worked in the Georgian National Museum, focusing on curatorship, development, audience engagement, and collection management.
Lana Karaia serves as Chairperson of ICOM Georgia and as a board member of ICOM European Regional Alliance. In her role at the Georgian Museum Association (GMA), Lana works on international projects, including the long-term cooperation project BE MUSEUMER, aimed at capacity building for South Caucasus museum personnel and research, in collaboration with NEMO, and Dutch Cultural Management Academy.
Since 2016, Lana has represented Georgia as the national representative for the European Museum Forum, contributing to the enhancement of public quality in European museums.
Engaged in research and scientific projects, Lana’s ongoing initiatives center around tackling current museum challenges, audience development, the social role of museums, and nurturing the creative economy in Georgian and neighboring museums, including those in Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Lana Karaia ist Referentin der Session Krisen im Museum erfolgreich meistern am Montag, 6. Mai, 10.30 Uhr.