Polish-German Borders

We live in the world full of borders. Surrounded by them we cross them every day or avoid them as unachievable obstacles. Some borders are very physical like rivers, country boards, seashores etc., but some are invisible. The project is to explore the problem of Polish-German borders on many different levels with the aim to understand them more, both the visible and invisible ones. The understanding borders may be as a result the way to make the border-crossing much easier not only in German-Polish relations but also in general. The project is to define the boarders to build the bridges for audiences from different countries to better reach the offer of our institutions.

Goals to achieve:
1/ to define the needs of the audience from the another country
2/ to create a tool to attract and engage the foreign audiences
3/ to reflect stereotypes (fears/expectation) regarding the places abroad (cities/museum)
4/ to create a story to connect the people from another country to the museum
5/ to create 6 different stories about the 6 different locations
6/ to create a creative workshop space to develop with the audience representatives (local ambassadors) the story regarding each location


Katarzyna Liwak-Rybak
Andrzej Hoja
Iwona Jastrzębska-Puzowska
Tim S. Müller
Marie-Christin Krüger
Juliane Haubold-Stolle