Übersee-Museum Bremen, Foto: Volker Beinhorn

Guidelines for German Museums. Care of Collections from Colonial Contexts

II. Version, 2019



The second version of the guidelines 2019 has been prepared by experts on behalf of the German Museums Association. The main focus of the second version is a stronger awareness for non-European perspectives. The guide presents the results of an internal workshop with museum experts from 11 different societies of origin and also includes professional articles from international experts.

The guidelines offer German museum workers a hands-on toolkit for dealing with objects from colonial contexts and working with societies of origin, e.g. for the exchange of knowledge, joint projects or the returns of objects.

A review of the colonial past of museums and their collections is indispensable from the point of view of the German Museums Association. In order to support the museums in this task, the German Museums Association is calling political decision-makers and museum sponsors for support.

The guidelines are understood as part of an ongoing discussion process. There is a third version of the guideline planned. For that, international experts will be called to send their review of the guidelines. In addition, further examination of legal aspects as well as additional practical examples will complement the third version of the guidelines.

You are welcome to submit a review of the guide, please send it to office@museumsbund.de

Unless otherwise requested, the review will be published here and evaluated for revision of the following edition.



I. Version of the Guidelines

1. Fassung, 2018, Leitfaden zum Umgang mit Sammlungsgut aus kolonialen Kontexten

I. Version, 2018, Guidelines on Dealing with Collections from Colonial Contexts

1ère Version, 2018, Guide consacré aux collections muséales issues de contextes coloniaux