Our mission

Museum professionals from Germany and Poland rarely meet at conferences and do not yet have suitable museum-specific platforms for the exchange of ideas, solutions as well as the development of joint projects. For this reason, in January 2021, together with our Polish partner, the National Institute for Museums and Public Collections - NIMOZ, we invited creative museum professionals who would like to develop a project on audience development together with Polish colleagues to a German-Polish Museum Dialogue. With the "German-Polish Museum Dialogue" we would like to intensify and sustainably expand the cooperation of the neighboring countries in the museum sector. For this purpose we invite museum experts to an intercultural exchange of knowledge. Within the framework of 4 online meetings and one offline session, we would like to discuss current topics, challenges and opportunities for museums. We are pleased about the interest in the project.

Next Meeting

Live meeting

23-25 March 2022




The Participants

We chose 15 applicants on each side. A total of 30 museum experts, including museum directors, curators and department heads from regional, state, history, art history and natural science museums, as well as freelancers, submitted convincing project ideas. Both in Germany and Poland 18 historical, 6 art historical, 2 ethnographic, 2 technical and 1 natural history museums applied. In addition, also a museum association. Of them 3 people come from a big city with more than 1 million inhabitants, 5 from 500-999k inhabitants, 4 from 100k-499k, 5 from 50k-99k and 3 from less than 50k inhabitants.

Participants’ projects

The submitted ideas ranged from concepts for international cooperation in visitor research on site in border regions to the development of a digital interface accessible to international viewers. The participants are invited to work on their project ideas and search for potential cooperation partners. As the project develops, they will be given the opportunity to present their project concepts to other participants, get feedback and develop their ideas further.

Apart from that the participants will be divided into project subgroups, in which they will work on mock projects, as an exercise to get to know each other and see how they can work together. This result of their work will be presented at the final session.

Project Timeline

Here you can find the dates of the meetings and reports from the past sessions:

11th February 2021 

11th March 2021 

15th April 2021 

10th June 2021 

2.-3rd September 2021



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If you have any questions about the project, please feel free to contact our project manager: 

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